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Wish List Wednesday

29 Nov

Nothing says Holiday Par-taaay like a little glitter!

Mint Top – LuLu’s  Link

Glittered Lace-up Loafers – Forever21   Link 

Jeather Pants – American Eagle   Link

Embellished Envelope Clutch – Forever21  Link


Cozy Hooded Scarf

29 Nov

I started crocheting at the end of my pregnancy as a way to keep busy and feel productive.  It helped pass the time while I was waiting for my stubborn little girl to grace us with her presence.  When she finally showed her beautiful face it was a week past her due date!  That last week felt like a lifetime ha ha.  She was well worth the wait though. 😉  I haven’t really done much in the crocheting department since she has been born, but lately I have been really itching to get those crochet hooks fired up again!   I found this video on you tube to make a hooded scarf, so I thought I would give it a go!  Usually I start something with one idea in mind, and by the time I am done it has turned into a totally new vision.  I like to put my own spin on things, mainly because I mess up and have to figure out a way to salvage the project lol.  If you get a chance to give this hooded scarf tutorial a whirl, I would love to see your results!   I’ll let you know when I finish mine.  Check out the video below if you are interested.  She does a great job explaining each step for beginners like me!  It would make a great homemade Christmas gift!



If you would like to check out more tutorials from her click here to access her you tube page.

Red Barn Christmas Tree

27 Nov

We moseyed on over to the Red Barn Nursery yesterday to pick out our tree. We met some friends over there and had a jolly ol’ time taking pictures and breathing in the sweet, sweet smell of fresh pine! MMmm MMmm bring on the pine! I couldn’t wait to have that aroma pervading through the house!  Ever since my Hubs suggested we get the tree yesterday, I have had the song “Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree” stuck in my head! I serenaded E. as he carried in the lucky tree that was chosen to live with us for the next month! I’m sure the neighbors really appreciated my shrill voice belting Christmas carols.  But Hey, if I have to listen to their sons “Duke’s of Hazard” car horn bellowing down the street day and night, I think they can endure a Christmas carol or two right? Right! lol 

Anyway, back to the tree…  E picked out the perfect sized tree (as usual) and it is going to look simply MAARRrrvelous once we get it all decorated! 

My lil Peanut’s First Christmas Tree

The Red Barn’s Mail Box


She is helping me pick the perfect tree!

We found THE tree!  YAAAAY!

It’s “the one”

The owner let us wander around his property after we purchased our tree!  It was beautiful out there!

Move Over Pumpkins…Here Comes The Christmas Tree

26 Nov

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, filling yourself with delicious carb-loaded casseroles and turkey! I know I did 🙂 I was so busy with my house guests I didnt get a chance to post anything. I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time this year, so I was a little frazzled, but it turned out fabulous! We had friends from San Fran and Huntington Beach come stay with us for two days. It was so nice to have them here! I am so used to having a full house for the holidays, because my Mom always has every room in the house packed to the brim with family and friends. We didn’t fly home this year so it was awesome to have the house chocked-full with people we love. Of course, we still miss our family terribly, but having friends here takes the edge off.

On a side note, can I just say THANK YOU to the inventers of skype! It is so cool that I can put my  laptop on the table, and eat dinner with my family (who are all the way in FL) and feel like they are right here with me! My parents get to watch my daughter crawl around and play! I get to show my Mom all the stuff I buy my daughter so she doesn’t buy the same thing for her lol! (It has happened more than once ha ha) Its great!!

Well I am so happy to announce it is officially CHRISTmas time at the M. residence! ;0) I could not be more excited to get our holiday decorations out of storage ( which is a measly two boxes, I’m still working on it ) and get cracking!! We are going to get our tree today Eeeeeee I am thrilled!  I just bought some little ornaments from a local thrift store, which is a really great place to find neat little guys to hang on your tree.  I can’t wait to hang them up! Pictures to come…


Wish List Wednesday

23 Nov

Love of Leopard

1.)Metallic Roses Cardigan – Forever 21 – $34.90

2.) Leapord Infinity Scarf – Charlotte Russe – $12.50

3.) Beaded Sateen Headband – Forever 21 – $5.80

4.) Sequin Tank – Forever 21 – $22.00

5.) Removable Ankle Strap Wedge in Taupe – Charlotte Russe – $35.50

6.) Wildcat Scrunchie – Forever 21 – $ 2.80

7.) Nights in Candlelight Long Sleeve Ivory Top – LuLu’ -$43.00

8.) Agreement Red Skinny Belt – LuLu’ – $15.00

Appreciate the LITTLE things

22 Nov

I have been shopping around for the upcoming Thanksgiving feast for three days. I keep forgetting things, which is something I count on from previous experience. lol  I start shopping early, because I know how scatterbrained I can be while shopping. I always get distracted by random items that I probably don’t need, but convince myself I MUST purchase! For some reason I have been drawn to the little things in life ;0)

I found these cute little clothespins at walmart for $1.50. I have been using

them to clip my salad bags and pita chips closed.

When I was shopping in the produce sections I found some cute little

crab apples! I had never seen baby apples before, so I

had to try them out!

They are a little tart! Well … I almost choked on my fisrt bite

becasue I wasn’t expecting it to be so sour. I guess saying it’s

A LOT tart would be more accurate ha ha.

If I’m going to buy a little fruit, I have to get a little vegetable right?

Fancy baby carrots are super tasty with a garlic, butter, and chopped parsley!

Cover and bake at 350 until nice and tender!

I Hope you are enjoying the little things

in your life too!

This Weeks Favs

20 Nov

Its raining cats and dogs out there this Sunday! (Not quite sure where that saying came from…it’s a tad strange; don’t your agree?) Anyhow, it’s the kind of day that you wear your coziest sweater and curl up inside to watch a cheesy abc family movie. (Love those)

1. Which brings me to my first Fav. of the week, the movie “Snowglobe.”  It’s not only a cheesy movie, it’s a holiday cheesy movie! That is an automatic two thumbs up in my book!  If you have netflix you can watch it instantly.  Woo Hoo!

2. Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips in Kitty Kitty

These babies are so stinking cute and pretty easy to apply.

Best of all… no dry time. Just press it on, shape, file off excess, and you are

good to go girls!

3. L’Oreal LeGloss in Baby Blossom

Thick and creamy nude gloss with a slight vanilla taste. I little goes

a long way!


4. Sir Hoots-a-lot is definitely one of my favorite things about this week!

I saw him at Ross for a mere $9.00! Now we will can be together forever!

Awww love at first hoot! ha ha

5. Lastly I am so thankful to have our new dishwasher installed! My Hubs did such a good job

and I am so glad it’s here in time for the aftermath of  Thanksgiving 🙂

I hope you had a fabulous week!  Enjoy your Sunday!