Oh So Glittery Pumpkins

5 Nov

Some people consider pumpkins as Halloween only décor, but I like to decorate with them until the CHRISTmas decorations takeover! Pumpkins are just such cute, chubby little vegetables as is, but when you snazz them up with glitter, it’s on a whole other level! I saw this idea on Martha Stewart’s website and HAD to make them! I’m not sure if I followed her directions exactly, but it’s pretty close. I’ll tell you what I did…

 What you will need:

Martha Stewart or other brand of REALLY fine glitter (you don’t want the chunky stuff)

Tacky glue (or other craft glue that dries clear)


Paper plates

A paint brush

Dark brown or black paint (for the stems)

A covered work space (the glitter gets everywhere)

1.First make sure you pumpkins are free of any dirt or dust.  2. Place your pumkin on a paper plate and apply a generous amount of glue to the pumpkin with a paintbrush. 3. Then dust on your glitter until surface is totally covered. 4. After your beautiful pumpkin is dry you can paint the stem a dark brown or black to give it a more polished look!

 Make sure to put any excess glitter back in the container to reuse in a later project. The paper plates will work wonders for that!

 NOTE: For larger pumpkins you are going to want to work in two sections (paint glue and add glitter to one side, and then the other) so your glue doesn’t dry before you hit it with the glitter BAM!


One Response to “Oh So Glittery Pumpkins”

  1. Linda November 11, 2011 at 10:30 am #

    These are beautiful…great job!!

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