A Quick Trip to SLO

7 Nov

Ha Ha Get it, like quick and slow?! I’m so cheesy!

Anyway, the perfect picnic unfortunately was canceled, because of all the rain we got last night. It’s great for the grass however, not so good for our butts being on the grass! My friends and I decided to reschedule until next Sunday. Hopefully things will be a little less soggy!

Since the picnic was a no-go, we decided to take the babe and head on up to San Luis Obispo (A.K.A SLO) for the day. I needed to drop of my MacBook at the Apple store for a little tune-up, so we thought, Hey why not make a day of it! I REALLY hope they can fix it, because I have ALL of Finnley’s newborn videos on that sucker! I will be unhappy to say the least, if they can’t whip it back into shape! They are suppose to call me and let me know the damages.

It turned out to be a great day though! We did a little shopping, but mostly our day was filled with eating ha ha! Then, when we were done eating, we went to New Frontiers and bought some yummy organic goods, so we could continue our eating when we got home.

...In all her Glory

I'll be enjoying some of those delicious apples later!

I asked my husband,”Is it me, or are organic food shoppers much more aggressive than regular grocery store consumers?” These people mean business! You better get in, and get out, because if you get in there way they are coming at-cha with a cart full of quinoa! Maybe they just have a lot more energy from all the nutritious food they are eating ha ha. I’m still a little new to all this hippy business, so I sort-of wander from one isle to the next, aimlessly searching for what I have on my list! Usually, I end up finding things I don’t really need along the way like…

Yes…It is true. The limited time only Celestial Holiday Teas are here again!! YEAH! Nothing like a cup of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride to brighten your day! 🙂 If you have yet to experience Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride, and you enjoy a good cup of tea, it is a MUST for the holidays!


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