Hey Mr. Postman

10 Nov

I LOVE getting mail, as long as it’s not junk mail that is!  I think that is one of my favorite things about CHRISTmas; everyone sends cute little picture cards in the mail!  I got some really fun mail from my dearest Mum!  She sent me a package stuffed to the brim with goodies for my daughter Finnley!

“Yaaay a package,” I thought! Actually first I thought who the heck is trying to pound their fist through my front door!  Those delivery guys use a Fist of FURY when knocking on your door!  Anyway I was thrilled to see this little package on my door step! 🙂

Look at all this loot for little miss Finnley Joy!

Of course she is more interested in the tags than the adorable outfits! lol  Just like she prefers the box the toy comes in, rather than the toy itself!

I love the cute little headband my mom sent!  I can never find headbands to fit her mellon! She has been blessed with a big head like her Mama 🙂

I think I’m going to start making her some!

Look at that sweet face!  She loves her new outfit!

Thanks Grandma!!


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