Homemade Applesauce

14 Nov

This recipe is so easy I almost feel silly posting it! Here I was,calling my Mom, pen and paper in hand, ready to write down ALL the ingredients for this COMPLICATED recipe. Come to find out, even the most dim-witted ninny-head  could make there own applesauce! I don’t think you are dim-witted or a ninny-head, so your homemade applesauce will be MAARRvelous!! Also this is a great dish to make for a baby’s first food! Finnley loves this applesauce, and there are no added preservatives or flavors like you find in the store!


Apples ( I used Honey Crisp apples, but any sweet apple will do.)




Sweetener of your choice (brown Sugar, Agave, ect.)


1.) Wash, peel, core, and chop apples.

I like to keep the peels on mine, but most

ladies and gents like their applesauce, all peels aside.

2.) Throw your chopped apples in a pot, and fill it a quarter of the way

with water. The water line should be almost even with the apples.

(a little less water than apples)

3.) Cover and simmer your apples on medium to low heat until they are soft, usually about 15-20 minutes.

4.) When your apples are nice and soft, uncover and continue to simmer until you cook off  some of the excess liquid.

You can start to smush your apples during this process to form a more applesauce-like texture.

5.) When you have achieved your ideal applesauce consistency,

you can add sugar and any spices you wish.

I would give it a try before you add anything though, because I didn’t need anything added to my A sauce.

I added just a touch of cinnamon for looks and called it a day!  

A delicious day 🙂

Finnley was drooling at the thought of another bite of my homemade applesauce! Ha Ha


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