Beet and Pear Juice

15 Nov

Now I know you are probably thinking, “Beet juice… Gross!!” but it is oh so tasty when you add the right ingredients! It’s actually my favorite juice I have made so far! My Husband was a little leery about the beet situation, but turns out he likes it! This is coming from a guy who gives a suspicious glare to anything remotely green or leafy on his plate! He won’t even eat salad! Yeah, crazy I know! 🙂 SO my point being if my botanophobic (fear of plants ha ha) husband can drink this so can you! 

A little about beets:

Beet juice is amazingly good for you! It’s best known as a blood purifier and blood builder that helps make new red blood cells. It has also been discovered to improve blood structure and cures diseases of the circulatory system, large intestine, and digestive system. This healthy juice also has been known to dissolve stones in the liver, kidneys, and bladder. Beets have been found to increase the body`s production of glutathione, which helps the body detoxify cancer-causing poisons. The list goes on-and-on! This is one serious veggie! So lift your beet juice glass, and drink to your glutathione production! lol


1 beet

2 Pears

2 1/2 cups baby carrots

1 sweet apple


1.) Give all your veggies and fruits a good scrub.

2.) Core your apple and pears. Then chop them into the correct size to fit your juicer.

3.) For the beet, I know you can just throw the thing in there, skin and all, but it

looked like a dirty garden creature more than a veggie I would want to eat. ha ha.

It made me feel better to take some of the hideous skin off.

Caught Red-Handed! lol

4.) Now all your fruits and veggie go into the juicer!

Enjoy your healthy, delicious Beet and Pear juice!

One for me, One for you!

You might NOT want to wear your favorite white shirt while drinking this!

Oh, I forgot one very important ingredient…

Bendy Straws!! Hee Hee


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