Appreciate the LITTLE things

22 Nov

I have been shopping around for the upcoming Thanksgiving feast for three days. I keep forgetting things, which is something I count on from previous experience. lol  I start shopping early, because I know how scatterbrained I can be while shopping. I always get distracted by random items that I probably don’t need, but convince myself I MUST purchase! For some reason I have been drawn to the little things in life ;0)

I found these cute little clothespins at walmart for $1.50. I have been using

them to clip my salad bags and pita chips closed.

When I was shopping in the produce sections I found some cute little

crab apples! I had never seen baby apples before, so I

had to try them out!

They are a little tart! Well … I almost choked on my fisrt bite

becasue I wasn’t expecting it to be so sour. I guess saying it’s

A LOT tart would be more accurate ha ha.

If I’m going to buy a little fruit, I have to get a little vegetable right?

Fancy baby carrots are super tasty with a garlic, butter, and chopped parsley!

Cover and bake at 350 until nice and tender!

I Hope you are enjoying the little things

in your life too!


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