Move Over Pumpkins…Here Comes The Christmas Tree

26 Nov

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, filling yourself with delicious carb-loaded casseroles and turkey! I know I did 🙂 I was so busy with my house guests I didnt get a chance to post anything. I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time this year, so I was a little frazzled, but it turned out fabulous! We had friends from San Fran and Huntington Beach come stay with us for two days. It was so nice to have them here! I am so used to having a full house for the holidays, because my Mom always has every room in the house packed to the brim with family and friends. We didn’t fly home this year so it was awesome to have the house chocked-full with people we love. Of course, we still miss our family terribly, but having friends here takes the edge off.

On a side note, can I just say THANK YOU to the inventers of skype! It is so cool that I can put my  laptop on the table, and eat dinner with my family (who are all the way in FL) and feel like they are right here with me! My parents get to watch my daughter crawl around and play! I get to show my Mom all the stuff I buy my daughter so she doesn’t buy the same thing for her lol! (It has happened more than once ha ha) Its great!!

Well I am so happy to announce it is officially CHRISTmas time at the M. residence! ;0) I could not be more excited to get our holiday decorations out of storage ( which is a measly two boxes, I’m still working on it ) and get cracking!! We are going to get our tree today Eeeeeee I am thrilled!  I just bought some little ornaments from a local thrift store, which is a really great place to find neat little guys to hang on your tree.  I can’t wait to hang them up! Pictures to come…



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