Weekly Favorite

4 Dec

Things get really busy this time of year, don’t they? It seems like after you cut into that Thanksgiving turkey you wake up the next morning and it’s New Years and you are eating sour kraut, sausages and mashed potatoes. (Which in my family you must have on New Years day for good luck.) With holiday parties happening left and right time slips right through your fingers.

We went to my husbands company CHRISTmas shindig last night and had a great time. I managed to drag my husband out on the dance floor  for a few numbers, and we shook our groove thang with the best of them! I was noticing all the older couples didn’t waste any time. Once the music started, they shimmied their way to the center of the dance floor, while all the younger couples were left twiddling their thumbs by the bar. Is it because as you get older you care less and less about what people think of your dance moves? Could it be majority of our generation doesn’t know how to do any dancing aside from rubbing up provocatively against one another, and lets be frank, is not something you feel comfortable doing in front of your boss and coworkers?  Whatever their reason my be, all who didn’t dance… missed out because it was a good time 🙂 Oh and the food was FANTASTIC!  Not only did they have the usual delicious appetizers and scrumptious main course, but they kept bringing out delicious snacks and desserts all though the night!  My kind of party 🙂  Which brings me to this week’s fav…

Holiday Indulgence

Salmon with a dill cream sauce, asparagus, mashed potatoes

wild rice pilaf, and a salad.

Are you getting hungry? lol 

Gourmet Sammies 

My Husband was excited about theses!

Your choice of garlic, parmesan,

or good ol’ regular fries. I’ll take regular, thank you 🙂

Tiny Strawberry Shakes 

I din’t get pictures of  all the deseerts because I was to busy shoveling them into

my mouth ha ha, but you get the point… a lot of scrum-diddty-um-tious food!

We had a fabulous time! (Sigh) I just love Christmas time!

I hope you had a wonderful week! 



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