Crafty Christmas

9 Dec

My good friend Gina is in town visiting me from Florida, Hoorayyy!  When she told me she was coming to visit I starting thinking of some fun things we could do (I like to plan). I knew we definitely had to visit a little Danish village called Solvang. You see my friend Gina loves Christmas, I mean REALLY LOVES Christmas, so I knew we had to visit the little village that would be totally decked out in holiday decor! There was literally a Christmas tree in front of every store. It was fantastic!

While we were there we had to stop by one of my favorite stores in Solvang called KnitFit. Oh My is it cute in there! I always get inspired as I wander though the shop! My favorite thing about the store is the creative centers they have set up all over. You can get in there and get your hands dirty … or  in our case should I say glittery 🙂  Today one of the tables were set up for customers to make sparkly personalized Christmas tags and painted glass ornaments, such cute ideas.

Here is a glass ornament one of the crafty ladies made with paint pens.

The table was filled with stamps, paint, glitter, and a

bunch of other goodies to make Christmas decorations.

This monster-sized snowflake stamp will definitely

be on my Christmas list! They made some gorgeous

decorations by useing the stamp dipped in ink and

 Martha Stewart Glitter.

I have so many projects to add to my to-do list after our

visit today. I’m going to need to win the lottery to

do them all. lol


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