Crochet Beanie with a Big Ol’ Flower

19 Dec

I am pretty excited about this beanie. You see, this is the first beanie I have made that I will wear outside my house! My other attempts turned out a little wonky ha ha. I guess it’s true… practice makes perfect! I really have enjoyed learning to crochet. I love to make things with my hands. The great thing about crocheting is, if you mess up, it’s no biggie, just give that yarn a few tug-a-roos and start over!  I am still very slow at this, so I won’t post a video of me making it. You would be watching it for days! I’ll save the video tutorials to a more skilled crocheter!  For your convenience, the tutorials I used to make my beanie are posted below!

I used a  Caron Simply Soft 4 ply yarn in Grey Heather, and I unfortunately

lost the label to my teal color, but both were purchased

from Michael’s. (On sale of course) 🙂

Here are the videos I used for help.




BobWilson123 and Art of Crochet by Teresa are my go-to

girls for crochet help.  You can find more of their tutorials on YouTube.

I’d love to see your beenies!

Give it a try!

XO Amanda


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