A Sweet Theme For My Sweet Girl

7 Jan

WOW! My little girl will be turning 1 at the end of the month. Don’t even get me started on how fast this year has flown by! Really, REALLY, fast!!  My life has changed so much (in an amazing way), and now we can’t even remember what life was like without our little sweet heart! We just love her so much!

For her first birthday party I was originally thinking of a tea party theme until I realized hot tea and toddlers aren’t rally a good mix… not my best idea. Then I decided on a cupcake theme. To my pleasant surprise cupcake themed decor is everywhere!  Here are a few adorable ideas I have found on my search.

Goodie bags! So cute! I’m not sure what I’ll fill them

with yet, but I do know they are cute. Ha!

From Michellescrapbooking

These little babies are cupcake toppers that

you can personalize! Yup, I need these.

 From www.jessicaweible.com

This garland made from cupcake liners is such an easy way to jazz up your party space with color and texture. You just have to make sure to get your hands on some really cute designs and colors to make it stand out.

The flower arrangement is in a jumbo sized, silicone cupcake liner.

Cute idea, huh?!  🙂

I have seen many adorable cupcake invites, but something about the handmade look of these makes them that much more adorable. I also like the simplicity of the card. It’s all about the cupcake!

 from createmyevent

I can’t wait to get my glue gun fired up,

get my scissors a snippin’,

and get started!

xo Amanda 


2 Responses to “A Sweet Theme For My Sweet Girl”

  1. muddledmom January 8, 2012 at 7:01 am #

    Those are some cute ideas! It’s going to be a great party. The first birthday is the best. Let her eat all the cake she wants.

    • fashionforwardfoodie January 8, 2012 at 11:07 am #

      Ha Ha Thanks, she and I both will be eating a lot of cake I’m afraid! lol

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