Take a Hike

17 Jan

It is so gorgeous in central California, I mean really breathtaking! Add the (normally) great weather, and you’ve got prime hiking conditions.

E and I truely enjoy a good hike! Breathing in the fresh air, feeling those calves a-burnin’ as your climbing the hills, it’s our kinda party! When Finnley was born it put our hiking escapades on hold for awhile. Now that she is older (and she will let us put her in the carrier with out screaming) we are able to revisit our long lost hiking trails 🙂 It’s perfect timing too, because my parents are coming to visit TOMORROW!!! (I am SO excited) and now we will be able to show them our favorite spots.

We went hiking near Santa Barbara and it was pure entertainment watching our little peanut bounce around in her carrier! She loved being out side and kicking her little legs around. Talk about a workout though, she gets heavy real quick. Thank goodness Evan was there to carry her around most of the time!











xo Amanda


6 Responses to “Take a Hike”

  1. muddledmom at 5:21 pm #

    Ah, that looks really pretty. Much better than our rain here! I’m ready for spring…and hikes. It won’t be long before your little one wants down to do a little exploring of her own.

    • fashionforwardfoodie at 7:40 pm #

      Yeah it has been chilly here, but when the sun is out it’s near perfect for out door activities. I hope the rain stops for you soon!
      I know, we need to take advantage of the fact that she still lets us cart her around without any protest! lol

  2. Janna at 8:05 am #

    This gives me hope that we will be out hiking again soon!! 🙂 We just got our baby carrier that I hope she lets us put her in. haha

    The hubs also bought a Kelty carrier to use…I didn’t have the heart to tell him he can’t use it until she is much bigger. I just thought it was cute he wanted to buy it.

    Jealous of your sunny days! We just got 6″ of snow last night, which I love as well….but sun seems kinda nice too.

    • fashionforwardfoodie at 8:49 am #

      THat is so cute of your man 🙂 Doesn’t it just melt your heart how sweet the are with their little ones!
      Maybe you guys will be blessed with a baby who loves carriers. My friend’s little girl could spend all day in hers from the time she was wee little.
      Snow is fun but I agree… sun is much better for hiking lol!

  3. Kit-Kat at 2:39 pm #

    Found your blog, and love it 🙂

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