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Infinity Scarf… Oh How I Love Thee

19 Jan

I finished my infinity scarf that I have been working on for a few days, and I am in LOVE! It’s so cozy warm I just want to take a nap in it! I actually started the infinity scarf project a week ago but the yarn I chose at firts was uber scratchy. I went to wrap in around my neck for a little test drive before I finished, and it felt like I made a scarf out of scotch-bright dish scrubbers lol.

I headed to Micheals to pick out the softest yarn they had (on sale). People were probably thinking I was strange because I was rubbing all the different yarns on my face and neck to see which one was soft. I didn’t care though. I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice.

I ended up purchasing a “Vanna’s Choice” yarn by LION BRAND in mustard and for the stripe I used the same brand in taupe.




Here is the finished project. Well I think it’s finished. I might put another stripe. I’m not sure. What do you think, should I add more stripes?



How to:

1. Start with a chain stitch and make it as long as you want ( measure it losely around your neck twice)

2. When you get your desired length, chain an extra three from the end.

3. Put a half double chrochet stitch in each chain until the end

4.Chain three turn your work and repeat step three. Continue until you reach your desired width.

5.For the stripe I slip stiched to add the new color,  and cotinue with the slip stich all the way around the scarf.

6. Join ends using a yarn needle and the tail end from your last row of your scarf or an extra piece of yarn.


TAA-DAHH! Enjoy your scarf! so easy huh!

xo Amanda





A Sweet Theme For My Sweet Girl

7 Jan

WOW! My little girl will be turning 1 at the end of the month. Don’t even get me started on how fast this year has flown by! Really, REALLY, fast!!  My life has changed so much (in an amazing way), and now we can’t even remember what life was like without our little sweet heart! We just love her so much!

For her first birthday party I was originally thinking of a tea party theme until I realized hot tea and toddlers aren’t rally a good mix… not my best idea. Then I decided on a cupcake theme. To my pleasant surprise cupcake themed decor is everywhere!  Here are a few adorable ideas I have found on my search.

Goodie bags! So cute! I’m not sure what I’ll fill them

with yet, but I do know they are cute. Ha!

From Michellescrapbooking

These little babies are cupcake toppers that

you can personalize! Yup, I need these.


This garland made from cupcake liners is such an easy way to jazz up your party space with color and texture. You just have to make sure to get your hands on some really cute designs and colors to make it stand out.

The flower arrangement is in a jumbo sized, silicone cupcake liner.

Cute idea, huh?!  🙂

I have seen many adorable cupcake invites, but something about the handmade look of these makes them that much more adorable. I also like the simplicity of the card. It’s all about the cupcake!

 from createmyevent

I can’t wait to get my glue gun fired up,

get my scissors a snippin’,

and get started!

xo Amanda 


New Year’s Eve Party Flare

31 Dec

Being a procrastinator myself, I thought I would share some last minute party decorations you can do at home and soem printable paper decorations you can get striaght out of your computer. Now how is that for convenience?

I have been scouring the blogosphere looking for easy decorating ideas for the upcoming festivities. I found some adorable choices. Thank goodness for those bloggers out there who are on top of things to help us who tend to lag behind (eh-hem…me) lol.

Dressed up Noise makers and Glittery Lantern


New Year’s Eve Printables

New Year’s Fun For The Little Ones

May You be thankful for last year’s blessings and look forward to those to come!


Crochet Beanie with a Big Ol’ Flower

19 Dec

I am pretty excited about this beanie. You see, this is the first beanie I have made that I will wear outside my house! My other attempts turned out a little wonky ha ha. I guess it’s true… practice makes perfect! I really have enjoyed learning to crochet. I love to make things with my hands. The great thing about crocheting is, if you mess up, it’s no biggie, just give that yarn a few tug-a-roos and start over!  I am still very slow at this, so I won’t post a video of me making it. You would be watching it for days! I’ll save the video tutorials to a more skilled crocheter!  For your convenience, the tutorials I used to make my beanie are posted below!

I used a  Caron Simply Soft 4 ply yarn in Grey Heather, and I unfortunately

lost the label to my teal color, but both were purchased

from Michael’s. (On sale of course) 🙂

Here are the videos I used for help.




BobWilson123 and Art of Crochet by Teresa are my go-to

girls for crochet help.  You can find more of their tutorials on YouTube.

I’d love to see your beenies!

Give it a try!

XO Amanda

Christmas Bows

12 Dec

After visiting a few baby boutiques in the past week, I was really inspired to make some festive hair bows. Christmas hair bows, though very cute, can be a little pricey for my liking. I saw bow after bow of glittery gorgeousness, but at $6.50 a pop I decided to give it a go on my own to get more bang for my buck!  Michael’s had some great deals on ribbon. You can’t beat 50 cents a spool! I picked up a few buttons and gems, and went to town with my glue gun! They turned out soooo cute!


Now if only I could get my little one to keep them in her hair for more

than two seconds ha ha.


Cozy Hooded Scarf

29 Nov

I started crocheting at the end of my pregnancy as a way to keep busy and feel productive.  It helped pass the time while I was waiting for my stubborn little girl to grace us with her presence.  When she finally showed her beautiful face it was a week past her due date!  That last week felt like a lifetime ha ha.  She was well worth the wait though. 😉  I haven’t really done much in the crocheting department since she has been born, but lately I have been really itching to get those crochet hooks fired up again!   I found this video on you tube to make a hooded scarf, so I thought I would give it a go!  Usually I start something with one idea in mind, and by the time I am done it has turned into a totally new vision.  I like to put my own spin on things, mainly because I mess up and have to figure out a way to salvage the project lol.  If you get a chance to give this hooded scarf tutorial a whirl, I would love to see your results!   I’ll let you know when I finish mine.  Check out the video below if you are interested.  She does a great job explaining each step for beginners like me!  It would make a great homemade Christmas gift!



If you would like to check out more tutorials from her click here to access her you tube page.

DIY Picture Frame

19 Nov

My Hubby has been putting in some extra hours at work lately, which means I don’t have a lot of extra time to do fun projects. I could do a little here and there while sweet lil Finnley is snoozing, but I really don’t like to stop working on a project until it is completely finished! It is ideal for me to do a project when Evan is home to help with our daughter. You could imagine my excitement when I heard he had the day off, and I got my much needed creative fix!  It is still bare-wall city over here, so I decided spruce up some old picture frames to hang.

I purchased a really adorable sparkly owl at Ross (LOVE Ross) the other day. It is such a shiny ball of glamor, I had to get it!  Anyway, when I was thinking of what to make today I remembered “Oh I have that amazing owl to decorate with!”  I wanted to make something that would look nice hanging next to it!  Here is what I came up with…


BEFORE Nothing too special!

Give it a quick sanding before you start painting.

I chose Silver, Slate Grey, and Cream craft paint for an old painted wood look.


I put the paints next to each other so they could mix a little. You want to get streaks of different colors, not all one color.

Now For Inside The Frame…

I chose yellow paint for the lettering inside the frame.

I painted the letters on some old card stock I had lying around.

I used a stencil for the first letter to help me center the letter and get the word straight.


I went back over the letters with a little bit of cream paint to give it a faded look.


Finished product 🙂

I think my glamorous owl Sir Hoots-a-lot will be very cozy sitting next to my DIY picture frame.

Blue Damask Painting

11 Nov

I wouldn’t call my self an artist or even a painter for that matter. However, I do like to paint! So anytime we need something for a bare wall, which we have a lot of in this new house, I’m on it!

We have these unfortunate looking blue leather couches in our living room that I daydream of setting fire too. I sadly have to decorate around these beasts, so I try and make the best of it. It’s kind of funny, becasue I am so used to decorating with blue that it will probably take a bit for me to get accustomed to new colors when the glorious day comes that I get to purchase a new couch! Oh I will be singing a joyful tune on that day….

Anyway I made a new painting for our living room! Actually it’s more like a revamping of an old painting I did. Previously I made a blue damask print on canvas, using a damask stencil from Michael’s. It turned out okay, but I spiced it up a bit ,and painted some branches with a chubby little bird over top of the print! I think it turned out pretty darn cute!

Sorry for the dark pictures I took them this evening and there isn’t any natural lighting. You get the gist though right? 🙂

I am looking forward to painting something for Finnley’s room! I have a whole bunch of ideas I’m kickin’ around! My husband suggested we paint her room a light lavender color! I am lovin’ that idea! We pretty much have a blank slate in her room.  I can’t wait to get started!


Oh So Glittery Pumpkins

5 Nov

Some people consider pumpkins as Halloween only décor, but I like to decorate with them until the CHRISTmas decorations takeover! Pumpkins are just such cute, chubby little vegetables as is, but when you snazz them up with glitter, it’s on a whole other level! I saw this idea on Martha Stewart’s website and HAD to make them! I’m not sure if I followed her directions exactly, but it’s pretty close. I’ll tell you what I did…

 What you will need:

Martha Stewart or other brand of REALLY fine glitter (you don’t want the chunky stuff)

Tacky glue (or other craft glue that dries clear)


Paper plates

A paint brush

Dark brown or black paint (for the stems)

A covered work space (the glitter gets everywhere)

1.First make sure you pumpkins are free of any dirt or dust.  2. Place your pumkin on a paper plate and apply a generous amount of glue to the pumpkin with a paintbrush. 3. Then dust on your glitter until surface is totally covered. 4. After your beautiful pumpkin is dry you can paint the stem a dark brown or black to give it a more polished look!

 Make sure to put any excess glitter back in the container to reuse in a later project. The paper plates will work wonders for that!

 NOTE: For larger pumpkins you are going to want to work in two sections (paint glue and add glitter to one side, and then the other) so your glue doesn’t dry before you hit it with the glitter BAM!