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Carefree Easy Style

12 Apr

Have you noticed all the buzz about Cochella? Yeah, well that my friends is becasue it’s going down this weekend and the next! If you are a lucky duck who happens to be attending the festivities, dance a jig to a few songs for me! I’ll be with you in spirit lol!

I absolutely LOVE the “I didn’t try at all, but I  still manage to look super hip” style that Cochella brings out in people! Of course there are those who will take it to bazare extremes, (that is  just part of the festivities I believe) but I am talking about the ladies like these celebs below, whose style is super cool, but like they don’t give a rip at the same time 😉 Its all about the tassles, the feathers, textures, and breezy fabric! I would dress like this all the time if the weather  and occasion allowed!


  Let Cochella bring out your inner hippy ha ha!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Much Love



Our Day in Pictures

20 Jan

We went site seeing in Santa Ynez Valley with my folks today!  Such a great day with the fam!






Black Sequins Hat – Forever21

Mustard Infinity Scarf – Homemade

Plaid Blue Flannel – TJMaxx

Blue Stretch Skinnies – PacSun

Grey Dress Socks – Target

Black Suede Ankle Boots – Ross

White Embellished Watch – Fossil













Our fun-filled day ended with a much needed nap for our little one on the ride home. 🙂

xo Amanda

Rompers in the Winter?…Yup!

10 Jan

I received a cute little romper for Christmas from my thoughtful hubby. He picked it out all by himself 🙂 Such good taste my man has!  I have been itching to wear it, but the winter weather was not cooperating with my summer wardrobe choice. Even though January is not too cold in my neck of the woods, it’s definitely not shorts weather, unless you want to pare those shorts with some chattering teeth and goosebumps. Well fear not my romper-loving ladies, I have found a solution. Here is what I came up with…
















Jean Jacket-Guess

White Scarf – Forever21 (The feathers are not part of the original scarf. I clipped them on.)

Blue Floral Romper – Forever21

Cream Tights – Forever21

Light Blue Knee-highs – American Eagle

Brown Report Frisco Knee-high Boots – TJMaxx

Wish List Wednesday

4 Jan

This week I have been ogling over some pieces from If you haven’t been to the site, it is definitely worth checking out. The well-know actress and fashionista Kate Bosworth and her stylist Cher Coulter are the masterminds behind this innovative site.

When you first open up the webpage you will be asked to fill out a short fashion survey. Based on the outfits and styles you prefer, JewelMint choses special accessories just for you! Here are the items they chose for me.


Garden Patch Trio

Bangle Set

Fiabella Earrings

Carnabey Bangle

Wing It Earrings

xo Amanda

Back in Black

30 Dec

Hello! I am back on the internet! Woo Hoo! Our router went ka-pooey Christmas Eve, and we just got a new one up and running thank goodness. It was nice to be shut off from the world for a little bit, but then after the first day I was ready for my Skype, Netflixs, Facebook, etc. So, it’s good to be back!

Thank you so much to my good friend over at for helping a sister out in her time of need! I just love her so much! 🙂

Have you noticed the dainty blouses with the feminine scarves attached to the collar? They are popping up everywhere theses days. I think they are just so cute. The funny thing is, I remember my Mom wearing pretty blouses like this when I was young. Fashion is like a revolving door, constantly coming around full circle. Now I am adorning the same style many years later (not too many) 😉

I simply tied an old lace sash around one of my black collared shirts to create the look. So if you have any old scarves or sashes lying around to snazz-up your  shirt, you can try it yourself!


1. Silver sparkled sweater -WetSeal 2. Black collared shirt – Billabong

3. Lace sash  4. Dark denim skinnies and black booties – TjMaxx

xo Amanda

Wish List Wednesday

21 Dec

I LOVE bold prints and colors, however I usually steer clear from pants or jackets with big prints for fear that everyone will notice the clothing item  EVERY time I wear it, making me feel like I can only wear it a few times. Do you know what I mean? If someone sees you wear your leopard pants more than twice, you will probably become “Leopard Pants Girl”. “Here comes crazy “Leopard Pants” with her pants all leopardy.” Well ya know what, I’ve decided there are worse things we could be called right? Right! I’m gonna get me some fun printed pants! 🙂 Here are a few that struck my fancy…

1.)Subtle Rose Skinny Jeans- Forever21 Link

2.)Leopard Mesh Skinnies- Forever21 Link

3.)Geometrics of the Trade Print Leggings- LuLu’s Link

4.) ON SALE! Billabong Forever Free Skinny Jeans- Swell Link  

XO Amanda

Wish List Wednesday

29 Nov

Nothing says Holiday Par-taaay like a little glitter!

Mint Top – LuLu’s  Link

Glittered Lace-up Loafers – Forever21   Link 

Jeather Pants – American Eagle   Link

Embellished Envelope Clutch – Forever21  Link